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Caribbean  Reef Diving Tulum

Tankah Bay, Tulum Mexico

Tankah Divers Tulum offers a variety of dive sites located on the Mesoamerican Reef & only minutes by boat from our beach front dive shop in Tankah Inn.

Because our dive sites are far removed from high tourist locations, we enjoy healthy, unspoiled & thriving eco systems teeming with an abundance of aquatic life for you to experience in all its splendor.

With our many dive site options, you'll explore Coral Caves, Mini Walls , Pillars & Canyons all of which hold a spectacular array of tropical fish, corals & marine mammals including our resident reef Turtle Ron. 

All our popular dive locations are within 18M in depth & are always led by our experienced & extensively trained Guides to ensure a rewarding dive experience you'll want to share with your friends!

For those interested in exceeding depths of 18m, we do offer Deep Dive experiences & Advanced Certification for those interested in more specialty dives like Lion Fish hunting deep reef or dive locations like The Pit or Angelita.

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